Frequently Asked Questions

Are you certified organic?

Truly Northern is not certified organic. Unfortunately, under the Canadian Organic Standards and Regulations, hydroponic farms are not able to apply for certification.

Don’t worry: All our plants are grown free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. We use alternative pest control methods such as introducing beneficial insects (like ladybugs) which eat harmful pests, as well other Integrated Pest Management methods which include designing the growing facility to decrease and deter pests without the use of chemicals.

Is home delivery available?

Yes! We deliver across Greater Sudbury weekly! Get more information at our online store.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a faster, cleaner, safer, more sustainable form of agriculture that doesn’t use soil to hold the roots in place. This allows for water to be flowed directly over the root system creating an ideal growing condition.  We control water mineral composition to increase nutrient concentrations in our plants and to boost flavor.

How do you grow year-round?

Unlike most food found at the grocery store, we grow and process all our food here in Northern Ontario. Our large indoor warehouse greenhouses hold over 15,000 square feet of plant canopy.  Using efficient LED lighting, we can grow food year-round regardless of the weather outside.