Grown in the North

In April 2017, Stephane and Erin received one of the first Canadian-made modular farms and launched Smart Greens Sudbury with the intent to change how food is grown in Northern Ontario.  With this ambitious goal in mind, they dove into the business of growing leafy greens indoors full-time and quickly integrated into the local food movement by actively participating in farmers markets and events that promoted local food production.

After establishing a strong market for their baby kale and microgreens, Stephane and Erin teamed up with local farmer Jeremy Gillanders to launch Truly Northern with a new facility in Opasatika, Ontario. Originally constructed as a large scale indoor mushroom farm, the facility in Opasatika has been converted to grow leafy greens and herbs using LEDs and modern hydroponic techniques.

Our vision is simple. We believe that fresh healthy food should be grown and available locally across our province regardless of the season.

In Canada, particularly in winter, most fruits and vegetables are transported at least 2,500 km from their point of origin to your table. That transportation emits massive amounts of greenhouse gas.


All our seeds are certified organics and non-GMO and are sourced from reputable dealers.


We don’t spray anything on our plants – period. We believe in using natural and organic methods to control pests.

Locally Grown

Helping the environment and providing great food year-round.

Ridiculously Delicious

Fresh, vibrant food grown with flavour in mind.

Meet The Farmers

We’re a family owned and operated farm, first launched in the Sudbury region. We hope to grow our team in the near future as we expand our operations across Northern Ontario.

Jeremy Gillanders

Owner & Farmer

Stephane Lanteigne

Owner & Farmer

Erin Rowe

Farmer, Sales & Events